Sales Funnel Secrets

We here at Work1099 have teamed up with Paul Counts to bring you a very special treat: the $5,032,310.98 Sales Funnel Secrets Workshop. This is a LIVE workshop recorded for you by Master Funnel Creator Paul Counts. Paul has earned over $5,032,310.98 in sales across dozens of funnels that he has created. We included this for members because Paul discusses resources that we’ve never used or heard of…that he’s had GREAT success with.

Do NOT be overwhelmed by the big numbers that Paul pulls in…remember, he’s been building funnels for a long, long time. The system that he lays out is the SAME PROCESS that you would follow to build a funnel that starts out earning you $20 per day…and then you can add the “FIRE!” he talks about to scale it up to $50-$100 (or even far more) per day, consistently.

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