About Work1099

Work1099 is the world’s premier resource for building and growing your own online business. Members get unlimited access to a massive library filled with hundreds of videos, training guides, and templates designed to help both aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners scale their growth. Our goal is to make financial independence achievable for anyone.

You’ll discover new money-making ideas, new ways to expand your business, new techniques for earning more dollars per visitor (and customer) to your website, new methods for attracting customers and much, much more.

Work1099 contains training on nearly every business-building topic imaginable, from creating a wide social media presence to developing ultra-simple websites that funnel customers and earn affiliate commissions…even if you’ve never built a website before.

Work1099 provides you with the expertise, recommendations and step-by-step instructions you need. You won’t need to spend weeks or months studying or trying to figure everything out. All Work1099 training is designed to be “zero-fluff,” so you can implement new techniques and strategies just minutes after watching or reading.

Work1099 was founded by entrepreneur and marketing expert Matt Rhodes. The training revealed inside Work1099 is the direct result of Matt’s 10+ years of real-world marketing experience. Many of the training materials and templates provided to members were originally designed by Rhodes for in-house use by his own team, can be scaled for use by virtually any growing business in any industry. Rhodes also has connections to countless successful online business owners and incorporates many of their lessons and tutorials into Work1099, absolutely free for members.

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