Introduction: Module 1 (Facebook Ads)

Facebook ads allow you to acquire new customers at a relatively low cost; especially when compared to other advertising methods. As a Work1099 Member, you have access to this course on effectively deploying Facebook advertising for your business.  Next Module >> Watch the training video below:

Pre-Written Pinterest Marketing Plan: Template 6 (Pinterest Marketing)

Using this pre-written marketing place, you’ll find your experience using Pinterest much smoother … as it’s based on my hard-won experience using Pinterest for my own businesses over the years. It lays out the detailed steps you can take over time to continually get more and more customers or clients..
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Pre-Written Fill-in-the-Blank Press Release: Template 5 (Pinterest Marketing)

Press releases are a valuable way to get more media exposure for your business … whether in traditional offline media … or … modern online media. Either way, the end result is more customers or clients for your business. This template will help you write effective press releases for your..
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Virtual Assistant Management: Template 4 (Pinterest Marketing)

The wide availability and relatively low cost of using virtual assistants will prove to be an invaluable boon for your business. This template will take that positive impact a step further … by helping you effectively manage your virtual assistants … so you receive more profits in return for every..
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Pre-Written Job Description To Hire Virtual Assistants: Template 3 (Pinterest Marketing)

Hiring virtual assistants is critical to the rapid growth of your business. Doing so will make you far more money than it costs you. Even better, as a Work1099 Member, you have access to this template for finding and hiring the right virtual assistants for your business … making it..
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Pinterest Account Management: Template 2 (Pinterest Marketing)

As a Work1099 Member, you have access to this guide to managing your account on Pinterest. << Previous Module | First Module | Next Module >> For Work1099 Members Only: Join Now -or- Login

Pre-Written Email Lead Generation: Template 1 (Pinterest Marketing)

By combining e-mail lead generation with Pinterest, you’ll be able to generate even more clients or customers for your business. Below, you’ll find a template you can use to sculpt your own effective lead generation e-mails. Next Module >> For Work1099 Members Only: Join Now -or- Login

Images Resource Guide (Pinterest Marketing)

You can access the image resource guide for the course “Pinterest Marketing” below. For Work1099 Members Only: Join Now -or- Login

Growing Your Offline Business: Module 8 (Pinterest Marketing)

Posted on July 19th, 2014 · Posted in Business Building, PDF, Pinterest Marketing, Self-Employment, Success Training

Believe it or not, social media websites such as Pinterest aren’t just great for online businesses. They are also a great source of new customers for offline business as well. You’ll learn the details on how to use Pinterest in this way below. << Previous Module | First Module

Images for Pinterest: Module 7 (Pinterest Marketing)

Below, you’ll find a set of images you can use to assist in marketing your business on Pinterest. << Previous Module | First Module | Next Module >>