How To Get Featured In The Press

Are you launching a book, a product, a service, or website and want to get it featured in the press? We hired a veteran journalist who has had serious experience working in media to give us the secrets for breaking into the industry with YOUR book. While the language and..
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Authority Site Launchpad

Launching your own authority site is, hands down, one of the smartest investments that you or any business can make for themselves. You invest the time (or money) to do the work in the right way just one single time and then get paid indefinitely for your work. If your..
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Small Reports Fortune: Bonus #2

<< See Previous Module | See Next Module >> This is the second bonus of the Small Reports Fortune series, designed to give you the tips you need to boost the quality (and value/cost) of your infoproducts (note this is labeled as bonus #3 but is indeed bonus #2):

Small Reports Fortune: Checklist Bonus

<< See Previous Module | See Next Module >> This is the first bonus of the Small Reports Fortune series, which gives you a checklist of everything you need to do to complete the product creation process:

Small Reports Fortune

See Next Module >> In Small Reports Fortune, you’ll discover the step-by-step process for building your own set of infoproducts that you can sell for anywhere from $7 to $997. The more reports you build, the more you can charge when you combine them into an entire package (especially if..
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$20 in 20 Minutes

Posted on August 5th, 2016 · Posted in Business Building, Content Development, PDF, Product Creation, Writing for Kindle

$20 in 20 Minutes reveals an incredible platform that pays you to publish your unique content with your own personality and your own point of view. You can publish articles, blog posts, videos, audios, podcasts – absolutely ANY kind of content – on absolutely ANY topic under the sun. But..
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273 Golden Infoproduct Ideas

In 273 Golden Infoproduct Ideas To Create Your Own Hot Report, you’ll discover 273 different profitable ideas for building your own high-quality infoproducts in hot markets.

Attract More High-Ticket Buyers

Attract More High-Ticket Buyers is part of the Build Your Own High-Ticket Offers package. You’ll discover how to attract new, highly-targeted clients to your high-ticket offers, even if you have little to no previous sales experience. << Previous Module  

Build Your Own High-Ticket Offers

In Build Your Own High-Ticket Offers, you’ll discover 3 “Magic Methods” for rapidly building your own offers that sell for $500, $1,000, even $2,000 or more. Next Module >>  

Fast Focus Formula

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